Achiles heel of Corbyn’s platform.

There are several achilles heels in Corbyn’s platform right and everyone of them is visible from space. For Corbyn to succeed they need to be addressed.

1- Richard Murphy. A tax accountant presenting himself as an economist, because he walked out of an economics lecture. I can extrapolate flaws in economic thinking from my understanding of social policy institutions but it doesn’t make me an economist. Knowing the limits of your understanding is not a weakness, it is the starting point in finding out what you need to know. Corbynomics is not yet fully formed policies which is right and proper, because there are few certainties right now. They are starting point. The crisis we are in is a multifaceted crisis, which spans the political economy and is directly rooted in failure of the original post war economists to clarify or understanding inequality, instability and the structure of institutions. The institutional failure we are seeing is directly rooted in the failure of the early post war economists, combining with the failure of the economic orthodoxy we adopted in the mid seventies. Reversion to ideas formed in the last manifestation of the current crisis will not address that. It requires lots of perspectives.

The preservation of left wing nostalgia at certain points in our poltical economy, and a hostility to criticism of those ideas, is what has kept Labour stagnant and prevented that discussion happening. While Corybynomics is a starting point for discussion it is not a proper assessment, workable solutions, or sellable solutions.

Corbynomics won’t get to that point while anyone pointing that out is shouted down. Richard Murphy’s presentation of himself as an economists is a fraud, and what he is selling is snake oil. As a starting point for discussion it is adequate, but not if Richard himself shouts libel at any discussion he doesn’t like.

Amplification of your own voice and a twitter feed are not the equivalent of expertise. There are a host of economists out there who should be dominating discussion and a tax accountant fraudulently presenting himself as an economist is not one of them.

2- The twitter bubble. The twitter bubble is an echochamber around a political party. The election clearly told us that the ability to maintain group think in an online echochamber is damaging to any political cause. There was no Tory coup, and the shock of the twitter bubble at the election result most people could have told them was comig because they wouldn’t vote Labour, was ridiculous. The people in the twitter bubble who spent five years deliberately squashing discussion of austerity that didn’t suit Labour, and the radical wolfie smith fucknuts who spent five years demanding we did not discuss austerity, and instead screamed their kideologies, are a liability to anyone wishing to win an election.

If that bubble had not spent five years shouting down discussion of austerity’s reality, the Corbyn echochamber may have had the knowledge they need. An assessment which incorporates a critique of the symbiosis of left and right since the post war period is needed to understand the scale of this crisis, and this twitter bubble will violently abuse anyone who attempts that. This will keep the Corbyn camp stagnant.

If the Labour Party is to transition through this crisis, they need to rediscover the centre position. The left factions and the blairite factions and their toxic symbiosis is how that has been prevented. It may well be that the service Corbyn does to us is that the left faction and the blairite faction take each other out, and leave the way for new blood. The Oxbridge ‘radicals'(and I use the term with caution) who have spent five years abusing vulnerable people whose reality contradicts their ambition, are not able to do this. Being a lefty is a glassfloor for Oxbridge graduates with no understanding or connection to the economy, and they have no capacity to do anything but alienate the wider electorate.

When the centre position collapses, the resurgence of far left and far right is a sign of a system dying. They are not selling solutions.  The solution to the erosion of policy making abilities, because of the dominance of political media cultures, is not policy by twitter.

The utter hysteria over Corbyn from the mainstream press, has been akin to a body reacting to a virus and has exposed many of the mechanisms by which the status quo is maintained. The abusive protection of dogma by Corbyn’s own camp has done the same.

Understanding a problem is not the same as having a workable and sellable solution, and unless Corbyn addresses the fundamental achilles heels in his platform, this will just go the same way as the #webacked hashtag cult.


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