A message to @holbornlolz

Do you remember the early days of twitter, when you began to assert that your right to abuse women, vulnerable people, and be a racist, misogynist bully was free speech? You were right. You fulfil an extremely important libertarian function. It is vital that we have a society where you can express those things. Vital for all of us.

Do not confuse fulfilling an important libertarian function with being a libertarian. Bullies are never libertarian. Like you, they are usually sad inadequate men who want the right to treat people as they choose without those people ever pointing out the impact of their behaviour. They want the right to restrict other people’s freedom and to harm other people with impunity.

Freedom of speech is not the right to be heard and it is not the right to never hear your behaviour and abuse of people described accurately. You are in fact a racist, misogynist bully who laughs at pictures of dead toddlers. It is in fact freedom of speech to say that.

I don’t read your tweets or seek them out, but you are ubiquitous and the tweets you make on public forum bleed into my timeline. You haven’t ever said something important enough that anyone rational would seek you out.

I am endlessly amused when you spit your dummy out of the pram and whine like a toddler when you are faced with free speech. I am eternally grateful that I have the freedom of speech to call a racist, inadequate, misogynist bully who laughs at pictures of dead toddlers to make a point, exactly what he is.

I don’t follow you on twitter and you would probably be doing me a service blocking me so your inadequate shit doesn’t bleed into my timeline.

Vive la difference.

I would die for your right to be an obnoxious and inadequate prick in public, but don’t ever confuse that with your right not to be called out on being just that.


One thought on “A message to @holbornlolz

  1. Unfortunately, I used to follow this sad excuse of a man.
    No more.
    He is nothing but an attention seeking male whore.
    Probably bullied at school, spoilt as a child.
    I often wonder how many times his rattle was tossed out of the pram, when he couldn’t have what he wanted.
    My strong belief is that his attacks on the vulnerable are a defence mechanism, on his part.
    Attack or be attacked….
    The advocate of free speech who blocks people.


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