Leader of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition a security threat?

I should probably mention that Labour elected Jeremy Corbyn as it’s new leader. With a dubious ex tax accountant masquerading as an economist at it’s heart, and some very dubious people surrounding him, Corbyism dispatched the Blairite faction and taught them a lesson about winning elections. The Labour Party is engaged in the civil war it needs to move away from the factions currently preventing them progressing and by 2018 the bloodshed could be over and they should be preparing to elect a new leader.

Jeremy Corbyn is not the messiah, but he is a reasonable man and  I don’t get the impression he wants to be the Prime Minister so am not overly concerned by the political earthquake yesterdays results was a symptom of. It’s one that has been rumbling a while and has a while to go yet.

What I am disturbed by is the Prime Minister describing the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition in terms like this.

Presumably at some point after the pleasantry of congratulating the new Leader of the Opposition, as etiquette demands in our fairly stable democratic country, the Prime Minister used his twitter account to declare Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition Party a threat to national security.

This is very serious. This is not just day to day politics. This is not about Jeremy Corbyn. The Prime Minister has just declared the main opposition party a threat to national security, on the day where Micheal Gove was discussing minor protest groups like Uk Uncut when discussing the need to keep politics ‘civilised’ and use terror measures granted after September 2001 to do so.

I am writing this blog post not to convince anyone of anything but to mark this because it is a very significant point in British political history. Jeremy Corbyn is a sign that the Tories have no political opposition for a decade or so, and yet this is how they react. The Conservatives are not rattled by Jeremy Corbyn, that is a delusion for twitter lefties. Nor are the right wing press. And that makes this more disturbing not less.


4 thoughts on “Leader of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition a security threat?

  1. Cameron, or his script-writer, wants to position depiction of Corbyn immediately. It is a clumsy, unintelligent comment. Thatcher’s infamous comment about the NUM (enemy within, comparing them to the Argentine navy) in early eighties is similar.

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  2. The barmy lunatic Corbyn is a threat to national security. His anti-semite friends and islamist allies will vouch for that. I can see him now, spouting out apologies for islamists in the house of commons after a major terrorist outrage on UK soil. Tell us then that he is no threat at all.


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