Caretaker leaders

When the Labour leadership was announced, I assumed, as did most rational people(she says without being able to provide one) that this was a caretaker leadership contest.

Someone to provide a figurehead while Labour took the time to address the fundamental problems at the core of their position. When they rolled out the identispads and Corbyn, I assumed all participating knew this. Keir Starmer and Dan Jarvis both certainly know they need until 2018 to prepare their leadership bids.

On that basis, I cannot fathom why Labour have committed suicide this summer. Worst case scenario, Corbyn took till 2018 to shift political debate a bit, actually oppose the tories, gave a boost in membership, and then would have stood aside. He never intended to win. He clearly doesnt want to be PM and I dont think his supporters think he will be.

Now the Blairites have committed suicide and been told their day is done and I have a feeling the lefty bubble around Corbyn will drag him into the same. The outcome for 2018 is the same but Labour and their press have said and done things which are undoable and exposed HOW they have distorted democracy for so long. Three hated cliques in a sinking tub who despise each other.

THis summer beggars belief but has really opened up the playing field and made a few new things possible.


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