Camilla Batmanghali on Black Single Mothers

I actually think the mothers are hugely responsible, because they have created a culture where they can get rid of the adolescent boy… They can get rid of the male partner, they can survive on their own… Often people think it’s the males who are the culprits, the irresponsible people who actually come along and make these girls pregnant and walk off. And they underestimate the level of rejection and cruelty from the females towards the males… The minute the adolescent boy begins to look slightly like a male and behave like a male, often the mother wants that young male banished from the house. A hate relationship often develops. I really think we underestimate the vulnerabilities of young black men.’

This is while exploiting poverty created by explicit creation of maternal poverty and using ‘therapy’ on kids with no therapeutic needs, designed to usurp the attachment to their parents. Mothers. This was a speech to MPs who would use exploitation of motherhood to deliver austerity. Kids Company, are, always were, and will continue to be a problem. And they are the perfect vignette to demonstrate the problem with celebrity focused policy formation.


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