‘We need to change our language to reach the simpleton working class’

In 2010, I met ‘the left’ at Oxford University. It’s fair to say that the half a dozen people I met there define themselves as ‘the left’ and the rest of that bedraggled sub culture nationwide are there to decorate that political identity. It is fair to say that that is the first time I had EVER encountered the left and in the year that followed I was astonished to find that the absorption of democracy into media had created a massive entry ground to media and politics, largely closed to anyone outside a Russell Group university.

That culture use the smoke that is left of a long dead left wing culture the British public rejected so vehemently that Margaret Thatcher was able to ride to a generation of Conservative hegemony. They recite versions of that long gone history, to bind a social network entirely disconnected from modern Britain.

Neo liberalism with an elite lefty seal.

In 2010 they moved into a chatroom and declared it their future and tried to mix with the population they disenfranchised and they exposed the toxicity of their culture. They are now engaged in an endless conversation about how to speak and reach out to us simpleton working classes.

I have the answer to that question. You dont need to change your language, its your culture that is the problem and we need it to move aside. We need coherent discussion of our economic system, social policy, inequality, debt, and financial instability. We are already having that conversation everywhere. You do not have anything to contribute to that conversation and we do not wish to audtion to you for patronage because you serve no purpose. You are irrelevant to us by your own admission. Now wither and die like obsolete political forces are supposed to. Do it quietly.

We need you to shut up. We need you to stop looking for poverty porn to reinforce the politics of deficit reduction, and we need to address how a feudal house has emerged trading on fantasy stories about who we are.

The problem is not your language. Its your culture. The way you behave. And its the complete ignorance you are required to maintain to sincerely prevent discussion of consensus on the financialisation of our lives.

Maybe instead of new words, you could try shutting up, and listening. If you want to help, move aside. Your nonsense kideologies are there to bind your culture at our expense and the reason there is no British Syriza or Podemos, is that our hardship hasn’t grown enough that you have been forced to shut the fuck up and allow us to move past you.


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