Miss Ellie Mae O Hagan. A note about social democracy

Hi Ellie Mae.

Apparently you think most people don’t know what social democracy is, so I thought I would educate you. You certainly are someone in desperate need of education.

In the post war period, a political economy was established which was fairly new. In World War 1 many of those fighting didn’t even have the right to vote, by the time World War 2 was complete the British public demanded something new. Something most of us believed existed, until 2010 educated us differently. Some of us may not have named it as social democracy, but we understood the social contract within which we existed. We understood we were enfranchised and that we have a political economy made up of institutions, which most of us populate. Not just state run institutions, like our health, education, and local authority services, but businesses. In fact, we are the most educated British population in history. The complex world you glide through in complete ignorance, we make it run. We populate it, our skills, our knowledge.

I tell you what we didn’t know until 2010. We didn’t know that the absorption of democracy into media by the Labour Party, had created a fertile media and politics entry ground that disenfranchised us. We didn’t know that the think tanks, media organisations big and small, and the culture around the Labour Party had replcaed all links between the institutions we worked with and the government who devised policy. We didn’t know that a dumb as fuck media class, the class you are an ambitious little guppy for had usurped us. When we paid trade union dues for institutions to our collective voice, we didn’t know that the best way to the top of those trade unions was via Oxford University(the way Owen Jones got his time at PCS), we didn’t know the best way to be at the heart of those trade unions was to be mates with people like Owen Jones(your job at UNITE for instance). When the Community Membership for UNITE started, the people UNITE took money off didnt know the hard earned pennies from their JSA were paying for you to take a cush job, and then attempt to outsource case work to unemployed activists because a trade union with millions of pounds had no intention of representing them. Those people didn’t know that Len McCluskey and the coterie around him would go on Newsnight validating Labours war on them with rhetoric about ‘working people’, nor did the members of that trade union know the union leadership would all but abandon representing them to become an election machine for Labour.

We didn’t know when austerity threatened to financialise our entire political economy, starting with essential institutions which had already been subject to years of financialisation under Labour, that a media culture existed, sustained solely by the fumes of a long dead left, would use the machinery of the TUC, Left Wing press and Labour Party itself, to prevent discussion of that financialisation for five years, while equality was being rolled back. They don’t know that an elite media culture drunk on the fumes of Thatchers corpse and a long dead archaic left usurp them with think tanks and newspaper columns pretending they are dumb.

As a woman in this political economy, I had not realised that basic equality was held together by such fragile institutional arrangements until 2010. I didnt know there was no link between those institutions, until I was invited to speak at Netroots in 2010. Or that when I discussed the consensus on rolling equality back for women, that I would be smeared by the organisers of that event. A smear you placed in the New Left Project. I didn’t know that feminists like yourself would assist in the biggest assault on equality British women had ever seen. I didn’t know that social democracy was dead already.

You are right, in that many people are not aware of the democratic problems in this country, most of us whether we articulate it that way or not fully believe social democracy is still what underpins our social contract. Your culture have assisted in destroying it and most people are not fully aware of the implications yet.

A lesson for you silly little girl, you need to educate yourself about the complex nation you are part of. We have the most educated and skilled population in this nations history, and while your(I am assuming not that healthy) living is made off the disenfranchisement of those people, the election result should have taught you that the British public are not as stupid as you. Your belief they are is projection and I would be careful in uttering such nonsense given the part you are desperate to play in the end of social democracy. The complex world you enjoy without contributing anything relies on the skills and knowledge of those people you believe are too dumb to understand social democracy. And they only do that because they believe social democracy exists.


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