New Chapter

For five years I recorded how the Labour orbiting centre left co-opted, prevented, and downright stomped on opposition to austerity to protect Labour priorities. It wasn’t fun with the echochamber around them playing dirty, but I think that is now pointless. Patience, careful observation, chronology, all useful when dealing with a media culture who rely on gaslighting, short memories and narcissistic reflex to function.

Labour are lost and won’t come back and the demonstration of how their political machinery would work to prevent discussion of austerity, as their institutions transitioned to a digital landscape, is complete. Their twitterbubble popped. Diane Abbot has admitted Labour planned austerity cut for cut as the Tories did, and this week the echochamber who existed to protect austerity are demonstrating their stuck record tendencies. It’s time to move past them and let them implode.

Economics as a discipline is undergoing a slow process of reforming to incorporate an understanding of inequality, instability, institutions and debt and until a new economic centre position is found around which political parties can congregate, we have the politics of deficit reduction instead of economic credibility. With people getting hurt as visible evidence ‘it’s working’.

The record I kept is now going to be useful for a chapter called ‘The Financialisation of Dissent’ in my Phd thesis. I will hopefully be training at LSE from September, to gain the skills needed to look at whether equality was rolled back for working class women, or institutionalised in the post war period, and whether the perpetual financialisation of our economy as a response to financial instability inherent in our system, means that inequality reached its natural conclusion  in this political economic settlement. It will be looking at the Keynesian institutions of the welfare state concerned with social reproduction, and their relationships to the primary institutions of media, finance and politics.

Should hopefully encompass the relationship between financial instability and inequality by looking at the one faultline I understand completely. I will be one of the first students at the newly established Inequalities Institute.

I can hardly bear imagine what is going to happen in the time it takes me to train for and complete that thesis.

I have a piece coming out soon on the spike in adoptions that occurred in 2013/14 in this context.

I thank the centre and elite loony left for providing the material for one chapter. That they cost us the only chance to prevent what has happened and will happen will never be forgiven.

A new chapter in this blog, and a new phase will begin from now on. Labour are irrelevant and watching them die slowly as we endure Conservative hegemony will be cold comfort. I don’t know what is to be done with the Loony Left, apparently rich kids don’t sign on when they are unemployable, they become professional activists as a route to politics and media careers.


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