Tomorrow is a new day

Conservative hegemony is here. The most draconian frightening government in our history have been given democratic mandate to basically transform our economy and society and the only opposition they will have is a bloc of SNP, Green, Plaid Cymru MPs and the occasionally lefty within Labour’s ranks. Labour have pledged to use the 100 days the Tories know they can use to pass their most outrageous policies to ‘reflect’ and the anarchofuckwit trustafarians of the posh left have demonstrated they will be upping the ante  to make sure that when we protest, there are no rights left and water cannons are waiting.

The left are excited because this is their rerun of the eighties and those of us who grew up watching this cycle repeat endlessly, and who have lived through five years of being targetted for austerity, are frightened. And rightly so.

We cannot have another five years or the posh left using our misery for their social circle and we need to grapple with what it means to have given democratic mandate to a government who have pledged to use bureaucracries to abuse people with a cost of the loss of life.

Is it possible to change things? Is it possible to move past the endless symbiosis of a toxic left who provide a protective seal to increasingly terrifying governments? I really don’t know.

This country has entered some dark days and the prospect of another five years of watching the left and Labour make sure this goes unchallenged scare the living shit out of me. We’ll soon see.


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