VE Day Protests

I cannot tell you how sick to the back teeth I am of anarcho fucknut trustafarians. They are currently engaged in a violent protest at an election result. A free and fair election which produced a result they did not like. A result largely produced because for five years between the same radical fucknuts and the Labour orbiting left, they saw austerity as a holiday on which to hang their youthful political identities and careers. Laurie Penny is currently tweeting about how her nanna(awarded a George Cross apparently, not sure Laurie knows that information is available) is her inspiration for a protest against democracy by spoiled children, many of whose career aspirations depend on our misery.  Apparently there is a media blackout and they were not only entitled to an election result but are entitled to media coverage of their displeasure at not getting what they want,

For the next five years, those of us feeling the reality of Conservative hegemony will have to watch as these fucknuts drown out discussion of the effect of that with their juvenile kideologies and patronage of the poor they will never meet. These fucknuts will be at the heart of new media as they build new structures on our disenfranchisement and should we ever want to protest about what is happening to us, we will have to risk their wrath should we fall outside their radical kideologies or not suit the party they orbit.

Neo liberalism with an elite lefty seal smashing shit up, because the population of the UK said something they dont like.

Opposing austerity is matter of basic economic competence, a matter of democracy being fought for and a matter of telling the cultures currently creating the blockage in democrcay to fuck off.

A message to the pseudo anarchist fucknuts currently demonstrating, YOU are the reason we cant oppose austerity. You discredit us every time you go out the door. Your bleating about why you are entitled to media coverage for your afternoon out a demonstration of the problem and why you need to grow the fuck up. It is not fighting fascism to tantrum because you are not allowed to march down to Downing Street and oust an elected government before their first day in office. It is the entitlement of posh white kids used to not being asked to be accountable for your behaviour. You are not doing it for anyone but yourself and I must insist you stop discrediting the rest of us by association.


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