Thoughts on astroturfing

Labour swallowed the Blue State Digital Kool Aid, because Obama  and they did so before Axelrod. Around the time of the 2010 election Labour moved into a chatroom, and the paddling pool of Labour blogs was exposed to people. Labour’s media culture, having rarely mixed outside their walls saw this as an opportunity.

Completely unaware the internet offered a two way view they exposed their culture, and exposed the Toxic Left Blair hid behind a media message. Progressive guppies were certain the internet meant they were going to sweep up the internet and make it Labour. They harangue, they gang up, they gaslight and tell people to their faces that Labour policy is not what it is, no matter how vulnerable. They use traditional broadcast meda techniques of spin and defamation as narcissistic reflex kicks in when they are exposed to what they dont know.

They spam us with repeated requests for money, order us to evangelise and share their symbols on our social media profiles, and insist we harangue other people to pretend Labour policy is not what it is.

Hashtags allow them to reinforce their delusion to each other, and tell the rest of the world that a political party wishing to govern a modern nation is beholdent to twitter. They think that means Prime Minister upheld by hashtag tantrums alone is electable.

Most of us have long learned not to stick our heads in the Labour wendy house and tell them it isnt real.

Underneath all this astroturfing, their attempt to emulate grassroots campaigning, Labour became obsolete. No amount of manufactured assemblies and twitter storms could hide it.

The electorate have sent a message and Labour are telling anyone who will listen it is a result of moral and intellectual deficiency. It was. But the deficiency was on the part of the Labour Party and not the electorate.


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