Message to Guardian

I know you are all in tears cos your party didn’t win, but really Conservative hegemony is just part of the game you play. Stop whining.

We need to have words about what you put out. Polly Toynbee and Owen Jones using our corpses to pretend Labour are not selling austerity will not do any more. We need analysis of social policy, economics, and political narratives and their relationship and you have spent five years hiding discussion of poliical consensus behind Labour friendly language. This was exploitative and fooled noone. People died.

THere is no shortage of journalists who can offer coherent analysis which does not do that. Writers from every field are discussing the impact of financialisation on their lives, their institutions, their communities. Small businesses, doctors, nurses, social workers, educators, housing specialists, economists, financiers, are all discussing the same thing. None of them have ‘how can Labour benefit’ as their primary concern.

Our society and economy is being fundamentally and radically transformed and it is not acceptable that your ouput sells fantasies about this because Labour.  The financial crisis is being turned into social and political crisis and you are selling it. At our expense and a cost of lives.

You need to up your game. There is a very big chance that Labour cannot recover from this and you already struggle to compete. The trust fund which sustains you shelters you. like most rich kids, from the world. Your Oxbridge based culture have neither the knowledge, experience, or skill to provide the journalism we need. Your trust fund does not mean you are above criticism for the effect of what you do. You are partly why Labour did not address their faults, you are at the root of our disenfranchisement when you edit the news to suit Labour.

Labour don’t have a future, you need to decide whether you do.


One thought on “Message to Guardian

  1. Incidentally, IMO, this is why the SNP swept the board (almost) clean north of Hadrian’s Wall. Aware that they can no longer trust Labour to act in any interests but those of the party at Westminster, they have decided to repose their trust in their fellow Scots to act in their people’s political interests, instead. As I am Welsh, I find this quite understandable. The Labour Party have taken our loyalty for granted for decades.

    If the Scots drift away from the union, I will be advocating for an independent Wales for the first time in my life, because I cannot stand by while my country is joined at the hip to a money-worshipping, Tory England and our people starve. A better future is possible, without austerity, even if it means the end of the Labour Party. If I were an English socialist, I would be seriously considering transferring my allegiance to the Greens. Five more years of Tory terror for the working poor, unemployed, chronically sick and disabled people. Gods help us all, because Labour won’t.


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