Anti-Tory Protest. What are you protesting?

Before the election our erstwhile delusional Labour left organised a protest. The protest was in anticipation of a ‘coup’. Apparently if the British public had voted for a hun parliament and refused to give mandate to either of the main two parties, the coalition negotiations were to be undermined by thousands of lefties. Let me clarify that, they were protesting in anticipation of the electorate not doing as they were told. Labour commentariat felt that ANYTHING but what they demanded was a coup. Am sure this definition of coup would be news to people in Haiti or Chile.

As we all know there was no coup. The British electorate voted and rejected Labour, voted in an anti-austerity bloc, and more importantly gave the Conservatives a democratic mandate for the souped up austerity that was demanded regardless of election victory. THis democratic mandate is frightening for many of us. It means there is democratic mandate for bureaucracies to abuse at a cost of life, on behalf of capital as a response to financial instability caused by private debt.

This is frightening.

However there is a protest today. It’s not an anti-austerity protest, because it would not have happened had Labour been the ones delivering austerity. It’s an anti-tory protest. People have gone to protest at the British electorate expressing their will through democratic means. Am not sure what the aim of the protest is. Do they want votes examined and secret ballot done away with, so Tory voters can be named, shamed and attacked? DO they want those people to somehow recant those votes? Or do they want the British public to know that democracy is an affront in a world where Ed Miliband was entitled to deliver austerity, and anything the London based left don’t want must be shouted down?

The protest in anticipation of the Tory ‘coup'(party¬†wins most seats and declares itself government) and the ‘anti-tory’ protest today were protests against democracy. I would prefer we kept democracy if you don’t mind.

I like protests. I can’t protest against austerity because every time I go, the TUC and Labour make sure that my opposition to austerity is sold as support for Labour austerity. I think people should take to the streets and express their anger. I wish this culture out today would stay home occasionally and think about what they are telling the rest of us and what they have done to our right to protest.


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