Note to Owen Jones and Labour Commentariat re: Don’t mourn, organise.

DONT MOURN ORGANISE THIS TIME YOU MEAN IT? When austerity started we desperately needed an anti-cuts movement that looked at the relationship between social polichy, our economic system, inequality faultlines and political narratives. We needed to discuss political consensus and it was life or death. You and your friends didnt want ‘self appointed authentics'(Sunny Hundal quote) ruining Labours ability to harvest the misery that was being created, and you and the Labour machinery and the union machinery spent 5 years preventing that discussion. Had we had that discussion and been allowed to organise without the Labour machinery squashing us, without newspapers like the New Statesman putting our kids at risk and you willing to defame anyone who had that discussion,. because it threatened you, we may have the new ideas that were needed 5 years ago,

NOW you think we can organise? People died Owen. What now needs to happen is that you and your friends need to stick to twitter and the echochamber you keep around you(The one that didnt tell you what was going to happen yesterday) so we can discuss the relationship between social policy, our economic system, inequality and political narratives. Equality was rolled back for women, appalling things are going to happen and are happening and you need to cease lashing out every time something threatens your career.

I thank you for the demonstration of the financialisation of dissent and I thank you and your friends for demonstrating why the left are toxic. It is useful knowing we dont have a left right political spectrum but a neo liberal system with an elite lefty seal. Its time for you to shut the fuck up Midget and go find a career that doesnt involve preventing us challenging and discussing the reality of our lives. Conservative Hegemony, I toldyou a long time ago this was the cost of what you did. Now fuck off Midget Jones and stop feeding off us for your career.


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