A more positive election post

For all our democracy has been usurped by media, something struck me at the polling station. I knew the candidates put forward by Labour and the Conservatives for MP, one may be a student politics gimp who doesn’t know Labour policy and the other a Tory, but I knew them both. Not just from election material. Party had little relevance on the Town and Local Council ballots because I knew those candidates too and I voted for those I knew to be committed to their job.

There are people paranoid today about the use of pencils instead of pens in the voting booths, but I know that those who preside over elections have integrity and can be trusted.

The spell cast over democracy by media is wearing off, but underneath we still have functioning institutions, which create direct links between us and those we elect to represent us. The rot in our system is confined to the front benches and the media organisations who have usurped our power. Noone reads their papers and our institutions could function quite well without those front benches for a while, while that rot was rooted out. It’s not too big a job to take back democracy.


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