The right to assume a penis is a gift

Given the majority of rapes are carried out by someone the victim knows, and there is so much difficulty over the impact of criminal proceedings, we should enshrine by law the right to treat an uninvited penis as a gift.

A layer to go through, to save the taxpayer money and court and police time. Like mediation. If you put your penis inside someone without asking, and you think they were asking for it and they were your friend, that friend has the right to treat it as a gift and keep it. Come back for it if necessary. It would have a significant impact on the rate of ‘date rape’. If someone you know puts their penis inside you without asking, etiquette says you can assume it was a gift and keep it.

A 6% prosecution rate(or whatever it is) wouldn’t matter, because who would need to waste court time.

If you give someone a gift without asking you can’t get all aggrieved if they keep it, surely?


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