I have spoken endlessly about the issue of grooming, so I won’t repeat myself here. My twitter feed, @lisamuggeridge, has focused entirely on Rotherham for three days. You can read that. The only post I want to make is this-


Natural state of chlldren in a market economy is commodities used for sex or labour. Unless we have frameworks to protect them. We no longer protect over 11s so they revert to their natural state in the market. Child Protection is an experiment that has lasted less than 50 years. Not the natural state of things, and our political parties have agreed it is over. Rotherham is what that looks like.

Rotherham is not a cover up, you don’t need to cover up what is accepted by everyone. It is what happens when you refuse to protect over 11s and allow the children in the state’s care to be the nation’s untouchables. We haven’t protected over 11s in the UK, by consent of all, for quite a while. 


2 thoughts on “Rotherham

  1. See the web drill down address for your case, in point. when we have ‘For Profits’ who treat people as badly as they are known to do in known inhumane situations (Christmas Island, Oz) and permitted by the State, allowed to criminally embezzle and still come back to win new State contracts, then what are they doing looking after our children behind closed doors? Please let’s kick this into the open.


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