Gruffnuts and the Guardian

My pubic hair is a bit overgrown, I think there may be gruffnuts. I should probably trim them. I used to take quite good care of the lady garden but as am very unlikely to get laid I don’t any more. If am going on holiday or my knickers are likely to be removed, I deal with it. Did you all want to know about my pubic hair? I don’t think you did, did you?

One of the reasons women got fucked over by austerity is the obsession with pubic hair that afflicts modern feminists..No column inches left for other stuff. They were so busy pondering the rights and wrongs of the shaven maven, 70s bush, and vajazzle that they didn’t notice equality being rolled back. They cannot see past the complexity of the pube jungle, and into the real world, maybe they need scissors….or a razor.

Word to the wise. Don’t ever use Veet down there.


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