Gadaffi Documentary. Storyville

I watched a documentary on BBC4, Storyville, Colonel Gaddafi. Dubious honour of being the most surreal documentary have ever seen. Gaddaffi lived like the dictator he was, with a bulletproof tent and camels to decorate the outside, flown ahead wherever he went. His son wanted a cruise liner with a shark pool, I can’t remember if he got it. You watch it and you are kind of amused, like when one of the interviewees describes Idi Amin as a ‘funny guy’. But there is nothing funny here.

The sanctions on Libya, preventing them trading oil, led to an oil company CEO bursting into tears with a US state official, so Tony Blair gave Gaddaffi a makeover. This is a dictator who used to go to Libyan schools, pick a 15 year old, take her away, rape and torture her sexually and then maybe get her put in a mental institution….

Anyway, we knew he was a cunt, but those emotional Oil CEOs really know how to tug the heartstrings, so for as long as it took to get trading up and running, Sarkozy, Blair et al were quite happy to tell the world we should be doing business with him. The the Arab Spring needed a spanner in the works, so our Colonel ended up dying, sodomised, live on television.

Imagine if we had let Egypt have their revolution? Left Libya alone? Let the Arab Spring happen and respected the sovereignty of nations, I wonder what today in Gaza would be like. Anyway, Free Market Libya isn’t going well. Libya is effectively in chaos. I assume profitable chaos. Deliberately created power vacuums have that effect. We are pretending it didn’t happen, like when you start a drawing and realise it was shit and chuck the paper. You can do that when you only have far away wars.

Libya was a line in the sand for us. A last chance. We later tried to go to war in Syria, and although I personally am not convinced, there is a possibility we needed to. We couldn’t because we can’t be the policeman of the world any more. The Labourites who think we drop falling sweeties of liberty and sunshine on the countries we privatise, are outraged when someone suggests concern about the genocide that appears to be opening up in Gaza. It means you are not concerned about the kids in Iraq under ISIS, or the kids in Syria. ISIS emerging because we destabilised Iraq and removed a dictator and unsuccessfully filled the power vacuum we deliberately and illegally created… Something, something, 9/11……

Anyway, this evening I received an article about a facebook post. Deputy speaker of parliament. Ruling party. Explaining the final solution for Gaza. 

I think is fair to say things are coming to a head.


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