Statement from my first manager and practice teacher about ‘grooming’. Was manager at Keighley office, Bradford Metropolitan District Council where I was also employed.

This is an important piece of the story about the mass gang rapes across the UK and why they are still continuing without being adequately dealt with, and is empirical evidence, in as much as I’m reporting what I witnessed in my years working in Local Authorities and Voluntary Sector Projects.

Having worked alongside police and other organisations for years (decades) on the issue of sexual violence towards children and women and more recently re child sexual exploitation and trafficking
I can assure you that on the whole it’s women in the police who take these matters seriously and work themselves into the ground, to protect children and women, with little true support from senior male colleagues.

There are the occasional truly wonderful male police officers…but only occasional, who support their female colleagues. It’s still a sexist boys club, where women officers are daily “put in their place”

And many police officers in my hearing were only too ready to express racist views. It wasn’t their being over sensitive in a “PC” way to race issues that decided senior officers against revealing the true measure of rapes, gang rapes, brutal torture and sexual violence against children and (on the whole) young women (though transitioning and objectively “feminised” boys were abused too).

Senior Police Officers deliberately manipulated data and are still hiding the true extent of sexual exploitation against children across the UK. They call it “managing Intelligence”

Many senior male police managers really didn’t see the abuse as abuse because they also saw the young people as “slag, prostitute trash” in exactly the same way that the abuser men did.

Many, mostly male, senior police managers were mostly preoccupied and continue to be so, with controling “intelligence” to local authorities and communities because they wanted to minimise any violent street protests and mass racist backlash from citizens being whipped up by the BNP and by UKIP, by controlling the information about abuse and perpetrators.

The police decided a long time ago that their resource priority is minimising inter racial street conflict, which is whipped up by the BNP (in Keighley at the time) and now by UKIP.


But what’s more, LA’s deliberately turn a “Nelson Eye” to the true extent of child sexual exploitation because it is a truly resource heavy issue…and because to be truthful about its extent would make them vulnerable to race riots being whipped up by racist political parties.

The fact is that there are UK wide networks of misogynist, violent, brutal, drug dealing, criminal gangs of all races, who groom, gang rape, and enslave children and young women daily. I know this to be a fact because I was involved in data collection about the profiles of abusers.

The ethnic make up (including Caucasian) of these gangs simply depends on which group wins the turf war they all wage constantly to be top dog across any particular geographic area, and differ from area to area.


There are trafficking gangs up and down this country, who buy, sell and exchange children, mostly girls. It’s sexual slavery. They also have children as their drugs runners and to enmesh other children within schools into using drugs and belonging to the youth part of the gang.

There is not the political will, nor dedicated resources to tackle the issues. And now that we have allowed LA’s to be stripped of 40-50% of their funding you can be assured that these children stand ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE OF PROTECTION FAR LESS JUSTICE

The information about gang rape of children from impoverished backgrounds has been “managed” for years

I saw that even the best, most motivated LA that I worked for, wanted to “manage the intelligence and data” around the daily gang rape of children…(which is still going on all across the UK) for its own reasons to do with it’s own financial targets and political priorities.

The LA I worked for scrapped their specific child sexual exploitation safeguarding post, their specific domestic abuse safeguarding post and their anti bullying post to pay for an independent chair of the safeguarding board after the Baby P inquiry recommendations .

What they put into place to cover for those deleted posts was truly inadequate for years after. Most LA’s never even got as far as this.


LIta Halliburton was in post when Ann Cryer did the damage she did, by declaring this a race issue in parliament.

The right to assume a penis is a gift

Given the majority of rapes are carried out by someone the victim knows, and there is so much difficulty over the impact of criminal proceedings, we should enshrine by law the right to treat an uninvited penis as a gift.

A layer to go through, to save the taxpayer money and court and police time. Like mediation. If you put your penis inside someone without asking, and you think they were asking for it and they were your friend, that friend has the right to treat it as a gift and keep it. Come back for it if necessary. It would have a significant impact on the rate of ‘date rape’. If someone you know puts their penis inside you without asking, etiquette says you can assume it was a gift and keep it.

A 6% prosecution rate(or whatever it is) wouldn’t matter, because who would need to waste court time.

If you give someone a gift without asking you can’t get all aggrieved if they keep it, surely?


I have spoken endlessly about the issue of grooming, so I won’t repeat myself here. My twitter feed, @lisamuggeridge, has focused entirely on Rotherham for three days. You can read that. The only post I want to make is this-


Natural state of chlldren in a market economy is commodities used for sex or labour. Unless we have frameworks to protect them. We no longer protect over 11s so they revert to their natural state in the market. Child Protection is an experiment that has lasted less than 50 years. Not the natural state of things, and our political parties have agreed it is over. Rotherham is what that looks like.

Rotherham is not a cover up, you don’t need to cover up what is accepted by everyone. It is what happens when you refuse to protect over 11s and allow the children in the state’s care to be the nation’s untouchables. We haven’t protected over 11s in the UK, by consent of all, for quite a while. 

Beheadings and the new media landscape

War is brutal. A journalist has been beheaded, the video shared in the ultimate low cost act of terror. The murder of one man, filmed, and shared worldwide, the video a clear strategic and calculated act of terror. All wars require an opening act to shock and awe, to prevent any opposition in those first vulnerable days of taking power. The murder, only a small part of how this particular act of shock and awe becomes effective. Every share, every view, amplifies the message. In all respects amplification of this video is an act of terror. Watching a video of a child being abused, even after the fact, is abuse of that child. Watching and sharing this video is an act of terrorism.

The human psyche is not supposed to cope with viewing material of other human beings being hurt, being abused, being raped. When you watch material like this as a professional, you reflect methodically and carefully before you watch, while you watch and most importantly after you watch. You watch your responses to it, you take care to note what they are, and you are honest with yourself about it. In order to watch material, especially prolonged material, you have to do this. When you do this, you realise your reactions are interesting.
In order to watch the material, you have to dehumanise the subject. Even if you are watching and know the subject. You have to do this because otehrwise, you could not watch. The images you see, stay with you. They don’t improve your perception of the world, they don’t make it more accurate. They mean you can never again look at a world where you didn’t know that happens. If you are not careful they desensitise you and if you have to repeatedly watch material of people being harmed, you have to take a great deal of care not to start treating that level of harm as normal.

I said it wasn’t censorship that snuff videos are subject to laws, but it is. And this is a snuff video. It may be censorship, but images like this have an effect one everyone who views them, and knowing what that effect is,I don’t want a culture where sharing this kind of material is the norm.

Initially my fury was at the lack of responsibility people have when sharing this material. Initially my fury was at social media, those drunk on perceived power gained as a challenge to mainstream media. People too dumb to know that no sane person seeks out these images, and too dumb to know that watching it is harmful in itself. People who do not even consider the ethical implications of what they do and toss aside what journalists are taught like it is worthless. Then I saw the front pages of the political press today. Under all the screaming about terrorism, our media want us to search for this video. They want this act of terror amplified.

The toddlers of social media have an example to look to, when committing gross acts of abuse, an existing media framework who tell them this is ok. P

Dear BBC Casting,

We were delighted to hear about the impending departure of Jenna Louise Coleman, and would like to put ourselves forward as potential companions for the Doctor.

My name is Lisa Muggeridge, I am a very experienced traveller and very good company. My daughter, Rachel Ansell, is 7 and is very clever. She is also a VERY experienced traveller and has a wide variety of skills including making gingerbread baskets, gloss painting(like a professional), having good ideas and writing stories. She would write about all our adventures.

We think the Doctor needs our family as companions. We have our own TARDIS, we are definitely the number one Doctor Who fans in the world, but we are not weird. We don’t go to conventions or anything creepy.

Please let us know if the Doctor needs a mother/daughter companion team as we want to travel the universe. We are available for adventures and you can message us via this blog.



Lisa Muggeridge


Rachel Ansell

PS. We are fully formed human being and will need to be fully written characters. We cannot, like Clara, just be an adjunct to the Doctor’s ego. We will be more like Doctor Donna but as a mother and daughter.




Dear BBC,

I’ll be honest, I don’t tune in any more, but I did see a Breaking News tweet. It discussed the DEC Gaza appeal. I was gratified to see this, as I know from people like Paul Mason, how discussion of it was always prevented before. It’s time to consider your definition of impartiality in a digital global media landscape you do not and cannot dominate. 

I struggle to remember my affection for Aunty Beeb these days.

Ex Foreign Office Minister Resigns. Govt not an honest broker in the Middle East, she says.

I couldn’t title this post ‘Baroness Warsi Resigns’ because that would trigger the usual racist, misogynist shite she attracts.

“The British government can only play a constructive role in solving the Middle East crisis if it is an honest broker,” the former Foreign Office minister said, “and at the moment I do not think it is.”

This is a very significant statement.