All Things Pass. By Lisa Muggeridge

A post I wrote for someone I know.

The Daily Snowglobe


Once upon a time there was a magic snowglobe sat in a warm dark room. It’s light drew everyone who entered to sit and gaze at this perfect vision of winter. Children would stare transfixed by it’s perfect little world.
Flurries of snow dancing around dreaming spires, refracted through light and water in perpetual motion under clear glass. A perfect unchanging world made real by the endless dance of uniform white flakes.
One long winter, the snow fell outside and the children grew bored of the ever static world underneath the glass. A little girl opened the curtains of the warm dark room.
Outside that window, billions and billions of unique and perfect snowflakes danced and settled into a wintry landscape big enough for all the children to play. The snow fell for months and even under uniform whiteness the window showed a world ever changing, snowflakes melted and new…

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