Trolling as political debate…

I wrote this ages ago, as I had to really grapple with the issues of trolls, online abuse and harassment, media complicity and the reasons trolls fitted so seamlessly into political debate with such catastrophic consequences for those participating. I think it still stands.


I made a comment this afternoon which was construed as me taking disablism to a whole new level.

This was the point I was making. For my entire lifetime, political debate for many people in this country has been little more than trolling. The debate politicians offer on welfare, is accusations they KNOW are false. We KNOW they are false. This means that instead of discussing the very important relationship welfare has with our economy, ,and the economic inequality it should allow us to measure- we have people responding to accusations noone believes.  Spartacus showed that.

Trolling being the flinging of accusations to elicit a response, or keep everyone busy. Instead of discussing our public services role in society, we are defending ourselves constantly from unlimited accusations. It used to be just the ill, the unemployed,  increasingly over the years, disabled people, (not that that ever died off really). In the…

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