Minblowing blog moment. Linking to a Katie Hopkins article.

This is bang on. Word for word.

These people need to grow up, you’ve had a few years on twitter to get used to playing with the outside world for the first time, digital culture evolves quickly and this is very likely to be one of those issues where the market provides(see last reblog). The days you could live in a sealed media bubble, over. This article by Katie Hopkins IS absolutely word for word, spot on.

Re: Katie Hopkins on benefits on This Week(which I haven’t seen). I want trolls as absurd as Katy Hopkins demonstrating the the centre position on benefits, that is shared by all parties and treated as unquestionable. The reason #benefitstreet could guarantee it’s audience, is the hashtags, and the outrage, and the media roundabout commentary, hopping mad comment poppets who will tell you this is extreme. This is their business model.

Benefits Street was an outrage, and Katie Hopkins views on benefits are an outrage. Not because they are extreme, but because they demonstrate the sentiment that moderate centrist parties all deliver with the support of those now claiming outrage when their position is shown to them in living colour. The trolls demonstrate the problem, they are useful, they expose the absurdity of the rhetoric. They show politics as dishonest and playing to the lowest common denominator, it’s the policies that do the harm and those who sell them. Long live Katie Hopkins appearances on This Week to discuss benefits, a mirror to those who sell this and protect their self image by shouting at Katie Hopkins.


One thought on “Minblowing blog moment. Linking to a Katie Hopkins article.

  1. Agree, agree, agree! Katie Hopkins is an Alf Granet for our times, she says what lots of people think. I have a blog that points out Benefits Street is not a social project it gets ratings, that’s what it’s for, simple as. The fact it helps the Tories and divides the country is just one of those things.

    The really bad bit is imagine coming from that street and filling in an application form? Even less chance of getting a job evil, less chance of getting a better life when your chances were low to start with.


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