Some posts taken down…

Recently I had to deal with defamation which affected several other people, because I had the temerity to discuss the intersection of social policy, our economic system, inequality and how political narratives juxtapose against that and sell it. Because I dared to make some Labour poppets look silly. Quite a few actually.

I made some posts which I have taken down, because they give trolls attention.  I needed to make my point clear and minimise a risk that was created but that is now done. I want to be clear, removing these posts is just because trolls like attention and I don’t want to give attention to randoms who pick up other randoms on the net. I stand by every word in them and have no problem with them returning to this blog. I still resent that I had to make the posts I have removed and hope a lesson was learned by all involved. I hope our left wing commentariat learn to play nicer with those outside their class in future.

It’s looks like I will have a new platform from which to continue to have the conversation I have been diligent about having with this blog, almost like times are a changing….

It’s quite exciting really.

Vive La Revolution Digitale


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