Grauniad gossip..

I like gossip. You hear some funny things, when you are not in that lefty media bubble. Now it’s no secret to those of us with an interest in that sort of thing, how difficult it is to get La Grauniad to run stories on benefits, housing and adult care policy, that amount to more than crying over cute poor people, and how grown up political priorities often take precedence. They like those stories in a silo where politicos can’t be upset by being informed. Because obviously that reality is threatening to political editorial over the next few years. Novelty povs being thrown to trolls has a limited appeal.

So when I heard the rumour that Dan Sabbagh, at la Grauniad, ex Lambeth Labour councillor, via Media Guardian, wanted to roll back on doing these stories, instead focusing on crime stories, I wasn’t surprised. What with an election approaching and priorities to protect. I think some people were a bit worried that that would be a major door shutting(not me).

What was suprising was the later rumour he got bollocked by someone senior, after the False Economy research on the bedroom tax was splashed all over the media, left and right, national and not, and he was told in future to make sure those stories were picked up. Presumably when the paper who rode the anti-cuts wave, are being outdone by John Humphreys and Newsnight, there were red faces. I don’t know if that is true, but I do like a bit of tattle tale.

I know it’s just unreliable tattle tale, but honestly sometimes it feels like the wheels are just coming off the political media machinery.