Egyptian Unity

I don’t want to add to discussion of what was a massacre, but as I am a citizen in one of the countries complicit I am obliged to.

I watched and recorded as the revolution was channelled through a western funded media election which imposed a false binary on the Egyptian people, I watched as the Muslim Brotherhood provided the warning they were supposed to provide to the Egyptian people, as the same media dynamics as here allowed privilege to marginalise those whose courage had us transfixed in Tahrir Square, I watch the sectarianism neo liberalism always attempts to impose cause fear in women, in christians, and then I watched a coup. The BBC described it like a Garden Party. The Military who have unleashed hell did so backed by US money, as part of the post war consensus that is also ours.

The one that is crumbling.

I watched a man with blood on his hands on Channel 4 News, say that Obama is a killer and I watched the reporter tell me he meant something else.

I have read much comment today saying Egyptian unity is over. I would beg to differ. I imagine watching hell unleashed to maintain US hegemony has forged a unity. As each shock will  now do.

The US think Egyptian Unity is frightening, they need to be afraid of global unity with their own included, saying enough is enough.