Military Coup

The dying days of a political and economic settlement are what educates those who formulate what comes after. Much of this blog was spent with an eye cast to Egypt, and today we are here again. President Morsi is gone. Existing political forces and the dissent neo liberalism defines is no longer adequate and cannot be imposed on the springs and occupies of a crumbling post war settlement.

BBC have celebrations as if this is a garden party, Al Jazeera announced shortly after my friend Sophie, that an interim President has been appointed and the constitution has been suspended,  and we watch as the unravelling of the Washington Consensus continues. Everyone is careful not to mention Israel or Palestine.

Channel 4 lamented and asked what happened to Egypt’s democratic moment, framing discussion about what was an series of revolutionary moments in a wider context, as we move as a globe past that understanding of power. I read back Gillian Tett’s astonishing comment piece on the reality of the economic parasite that underpins this revolution and the political manouvering to protect it.,.

The military were clear this time as well as last, about the need for the disposable bit of the system to be sacrificed, and terrified of the appearance they may be accountable, we see the same manouverings as last time.  Who funds the military, a question that still has the same answers as last time.

I read the tweets of those who had been so excited and naiive the first time, after watching a revolution channeled through a US funded media election, tied to condition after condition that the status quo would remain but under the oppression of Islamism. We have reached the point where people watched how the elite liberals capitalised on their social media use for their own political aims, how the Muslim Brotherhood as the existing force within a system that is over expected their route to power to be painless and from the tweets within Tahrir Square the female revolutionaries whose naiivety was shattered are still fighting their own battle in this public square. People will soon be naming their oppressor and will not be confusing passengers and drivers. US embassies have been closing as protesters make their feelings known and US citizens are warned to avoid.

Shock Doctrine always relied on shocks to deliver neo liberalism’s force, but now each shock educates and consolidates knowledge that was not consumed from media sources but learned. From this point on democratic legitimacy will be something that eludes all those who wish to maintain that post war settlement, the world is straining past it. The symmetry revealed in the unravelling is extraordinary.