Unite For Workfare, Atos and the Bedroom Tax

I didn’t find out about this from Jonny Void, it’s the thing I have been watching for ages. Since this appeared I have seen which groups are operating for Unite and who are interested in fighting austerity. I am watching the smears and the pattern of behaviour I experienced carried out with others, because what I experienced was the culture who’s job it is to prevent change and squash any chance of it. Jonny Void(who I am not a fan of personally, but whose blog is very good) is now being smeared by Unite. Boycott Workfare are beginning to experience it. And we ALL think it’s brilliant. It’s always good when someone bares their teeth, because only then are you clear on the situation and who your problem is. The most pressing problem we have right now is not the system but those preventing any challenge to it. That is definitely the first thing that needs to be addressed.

THis is a great Tumblr that should be read along with.

the void

atos_david_millibandThe head of the UK’s largest union, Unite, has issued a gushing statement praising Ed Miliband’s recent ‘worklessness’ diatribe in which he announced mass workfare should the Labour Party ever claw their way back into power.

According to Len McCluskey, general secretary of Unite: “Ed Miliband’s speech offers hope that there is an alternative to George Osborne’s punishing experiment with the national economy.”

During the speech Miliband announced the party will bring in a “a compulsory jobs guarantee, young people will have an obligation to take a job after a year or lose their benefits”.

Those over 25 who have been unemployed over one year will also be subject to the same rules.  These jobs will temporary and paid at the minimum wage, which will be funded by the tax payer.  Employers will be required to provide  an additional ten hours training – although whether those on the scheme will…

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