Let me explain…

If someone hits you and it hurts, you may think they are a twat. If someone enters the scene outraged that you are being hit, and say they want to help you stop this, you might be grateful. If their method of stopping you being hit, is to offer you a lollipop, while they take the baton from the guy beating you, and tell you to be grateful while they hit you with it, there is a fair chance you might get cross.

If they were not only to take the baton, smash you over the head with it, and tell everyone around you this was the best way to prevent you being hit, while denying hitting you and taking advantage of your inability to speak loudly enough that people could hear you… telling people not only is this protecting you, but you need them to  do it so the other guy won’t…you might say you don’t really want the lollipop.

If they then went off and made a career out of telling people how much they had helped you by giving you a lollipop, while never mentioning that they continued to beat you round the head with the baton….you might think they were a bit sociopathic.

Unless they were a Labour ‘journalist’ or politician….in which case you would know it was business as usual.