This has been bubbling away…

There is lots I want to blog about, but have been preoccupied. But this has been bubbling away under the radar. Drought in the US, and food prices, not really something to add to this summers clusterfuck or that will help in anyway.

I should also link to something about food speculation and a quote from someone about position on actual shortages, as opposed to prices but I can;t find. I will start blogging again properly soon. This week.

This in combination with a US economy, which really looks like it has siezed up, even with the Eurocrisis playing big and loud, there is much bigger picture here. The talk in the US of a dispute over stimulus earlier in the month, was  clear, there is no dispute until event of Euro-catastrophe and it might make sense to be holding back till it has played out. But even if that is the case, and even if the US somehow manage to maximise benefit from the Eurocrisis, and even if Germany tank and London is an effective toilet, they are still the bigger picture. The ONLY picture.

A drought in the middle of this, really huge….

I was getting the distinct impression the US economy seemed to be holding its breath,waiting for something. Hoping, with rhetoric preparing the ground for aesthetic reform, as things disintegrate more visibly elsewhere.

I will write something coherent tomorrow, or before discussion about the US debt crisis fully kicks in.*added later.