I’ve always known….

…really that our government policy was entirely in line with market demands, and to satisfy newspapers. I’m sure of it.  How many times do you need to have a care plan ripped up because some snot nosed journalist found out how much you were being charged for school, and told the world it was a reward for bad behaviour? How many times do you have to watch the government of the day turn on groups of people with no provocation?

It’s really difficult to learn that most of what you consider political beliefs were bullshit, designed to mask the things you knew.

There is just markets and pleasing the press. Thats it. There is no more substance to our democracy than that. No concern for services, no concern for voters, for the future of the country. And there is a fucking industry hiding it with its very own twitterbubble. That is utterly bonkers.

But then it becomes so utterly and mindbogglingly funny, that you took it all so seriously. You look at these daft politicos, sure that if they can make people agree on twitter, reality will just not exist for as long as they swarm…. Westminster hacks sure of their own superiority, even as the country hurtles off the cliff they refused to acknowledge approaching.

Surely having your faith in democracy blown away shouldn’t result in chuckles? And then it feels quite liberating being able to spot bollocks from a mile off, and comical watching our shitflinging monkey wheel keep calm and carry on.