Advice to Stella Creasy

If I were a female Labour politician, identifying myself as a feminist, the nice face of neo liberalism, I would probably reconsider campaigning about payday loans now that Libor has broken.

Several debates are now coming together, there is a widespread understanding that austerity followed set patterns. No amount of radical and Labour media focused left were going to hide that forever. This means that we are moving on to an examination of austerity, and the looming social care, welfare and childrens services crisis, alongside fears for the police and NHS, should consolidate with an understanding of what austerity is. And the desirability of that pattern for the markets.

Your press are about to be examined because of Libor, because the City of London is expendible to those who now need to consolidate power. If my party were not only seen as rigging the market that demanded austerity, while  following the political blueprint demanded to deleverage by stealth, had also been relying on that anticipated payday loans market opening up alongside welfare cuts my party hid, while exploiting reliable gender inequality at that cost, I might think about how this would play out in 6 months or a year. Whether it might not be seen as distasteful and whether an image as caring feminist face of Labour will be possible when that happens.