The north

It occurs to me, while austerity tanked the north, and tried to spread the hysteresis that has been imposed since the early eighties, we have a lot of reasons to be cheerful.

The BBC is up here, their journalists don’t want to be. At some point  the journalists who dont want to be, will bugger off. That makes the north our media centre. The industrial base policy makers are going to need to protect, is here. And still functioning. Just. Property values didn’t really do what they did down south so while the property bubble bursting will be bad, nowhere near the South. People down south are looking up here, I can tell. We were here first.

When our financial centre is insignificant and untouchable, I know where economic growth is going to come from. And I know the blindness of policy makers to the north can’t continue.

The type of politics which decimated the north, will have to change quite soon. Genuinely.

So if you don’t mind me saying, I feel detached from the crisis that is the result of the politics that decimated the north.  I’m headed towards my third year or austerity so this isn’t crisis for me. And I think it bodes well for the future, even if it is going to get ugly over the next year or so.