Quote from that article I retweeted/

‘Emails released by the UK Financial Services Authority show that Barclays traders were rigging Libor in 2006. And by the way, Gillian Tett, I don’t think the horn-tooting is all that appropriate. If the best connected and best paid financial journalists don’t have the guts and wherewithal to stand up to pressure, they become accomplices to the fraud they are trusted to bring to light. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself, and if you choose not to do so, it’s somewhat less than genuine, to say the least, to want accolades five years after you do.’

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/libor-was-a-criminal-conspiracy-from-the-start-2012-7#ixzz20OquT6oq

I like Gillian Tett and that paragraph applies to more than her.