Poor Labour

Enough mocking, we need to start helping them now, it’s turning into mocking the afflicted.

Some pragmatic reasons welcome Tony back into the fold is a bad idea

The City of London is currently a toilet, and it is politically attractive for other countries to place the responsibility for the damage UK/US led capitalism at our door, so they can move on.

In line with this, Tony Blair may as well have “I am the handy sacrifice who epitomises neo liberal foreign policy and am available because my US counterparts are untouchable” across his enormous forehead. This is not a safe position to be in. Not at all., And he will take down everything attached to him, when he is flushed.

I really genuinely don’t like feeling that what I have accidentally done is documented the fall of the Labour Party, that is not why I started my blog. But it very much appears that is what is going to happen. Really are you people stupid?

PS I have not included that he is a war criminal who dismantled our Foreign Office reputation to create his own brand of corporate diplomacy, or any of the other monumentally stupid and twattish things he did to bring us to our knees …this is a very short post.