Do this. Dont be abusive, but let them know customers wont tolerate it.

the void

Boycott Workfare are today calling on people to contact the exploitative companies using tax payer funded forced labour on the Government’s various workfare schemes.

Three companies have been singled out for attention, all of whom will no doubt be familiar to readers of this blog.

Argos, Savers and Poundland are all involved in using workfare.  They also all have lots of customers on benefits.  Boycott the bastards.  But in the meantime contact them and complain about their use of unpaid workers.

Argos – Head Office (01908 690333), Customer Services (01785 710253)

Poundland – Head Office: (0)121 568 7000

Savers – Customer service number: 0845 671 0709, Head Office: 01582 884 791

Please don’t be abusive. It’s not the fault of whoever answers the phone that they work for such scum.

More details on Boycott Workfare’s website.

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