Its much easier to punish the poor than take on the voluntary sector. God bless marketisation and its disenfranchising effects.

the void

The Government’s brutal decision to throw disabled Remploy workers on the scrapheap is the latest attack on disabled people by the most hostile Government in living memory.  Maria Killer Miller, the Minister for Disability, yesterday confirmed the closure of 27 Remploy factories, meaning the loss of 1,700 jobs.

Shamefully several disability charities, such as Mencap, have backed the factory closures.  Charities claim the factories are old fashioned, as if their organisations, steeped as they are in Victorian paternalism, represent the cutting edge of social care.

This isn’t an argument about workplace segregation, which most people accept is not an ideal solution.  But if we lived in an ideal world then disability charities wouldn’t exist.  Society, meaning all of us, not government, would take care of the needs of everybody without busy-body middle class charity workers sticking their noses into people’s lives.

The debate over the Remploy closures is an argument…

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