TUC austerity demo

In October

1) Austerity is over politically, no demo required. We are now moving to austerity packaged as growth

2) You would know that, had you done your job instead of orbiting the Labour media-ocracy circus

3) We are now on the brink of the multiple crisis people paid you to represent them in defending themselves from.

Enjoy your demo, am sure if you send invites to the usual, it won’t look any different from the rest of your action in the past two years. Am sure the left will be along to get their picture taken and will keep the numbers up.

PS What would be very funny, would be if somewhere in a salon in Islington, Dave Prentis had gotten together with Milibrands crack(ed?(spin team, and decided this was a demo it was safe for Labour to support, then sent the Labour guppies out to play it up…. FREE NELSON MANDELA!!!!!!