Labour wants to set up military schools.

No it doesn’t. Labour wants to distract your attention from several things. 1) Tory education reforms were desirable for Labour and a progression of the blueprint they designed. 2) Labour social policy development is dictated by the markets and newspaper requirements, not evidence within those services. 3) Labour cannot think beyond shallow soundbite politics and there are votes in demonising the poor. 4) Labour give as much of a fuck about education as they do for the other services they shape for the benefit of markets. 5) Labour knows as much about education as Toby Young.

Military is a nice word to fill airtime with..sends a message….

The children of the poor need the military so they don’t end up like our privately educated morally bankrupt establishment.

The power to irritate people is likely to be the only power Stephen Twigg ever has, in goverment or not.