That Steve Keen video.

Our social policy development is to suit bond markets. To put not too fine a point on it. All of it. Under the gubbins and shite. The press sell what is necessary to maintain that with us and those services as imaginary shit to fling. The level of marketisation seen very much dependent on the visibility of those services to voters. Reflected along traditional inequality lines, not reflected at the heart of the establishment which delivers it. Things that are invisible to our political debate-the pattern this development has followed for thirty years, with failures stemming attributed elsewhere,  welfare as a neo liberal economic tool, household debt and their relationship to low wages and our housing market, and the voices of anyone outside a PR wheel.

Thats why the political media are so clueless about how austerity tanked the economy. It was their job to discuss anything but, and go to horrific lengths to convince themselves they were entitled do.

Things which are imagined for political debate. People. The consequences.

Note for later.