Its probably wankerish to reblog your owns post, but I dont care. I now follow the person who wrote the post I link to at the bottom on twitter. Love the net for that.


I have identified myself as a feminist for many many years. Under the impression the word summed up who I was, why I felt strongly about the inequality women face on this planet. Inequality I could see.  By 6th form I knew it had a name, and I devoured academics whose work I didn’t really get. My first introduction to feminism not coming from Simone De Beauvoir,  but from Dolly Parton. And life in communities which were turned into demonised impoverished matriarchies by the disappearance of skilled work under Thatcher. The left abandoned those communities. They passed on a history with a nostalgic focus on that skilled male work and union mythology. Preserved their own insitutions while neo liberalism continually attacked those communities.  Knowing that the industry taken was the only defence they had.  Public sector work done by women serving their communities. often all that replaced that industry. Our…

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