Domestic Media-Ocracy

Rebekah Brooks has been exposed as David Cameron’s life coach and Blair was dressed in white at the christening site of Jesus to be Godfather to the Murdoch sproglet. This would be less of a problem if the type of economic, foreign, and social policy hidden under the narrative Murdoch and the rest of our political press sold, didn’t have such a distinct and familiar pattern. You never saw better storylines in Dynasty than this this, and I am going to squish it into the Omerta metaphor if it kills me.

The media are not a check and balance, that much is clear, even if our entire political culture left and right cannot think beyond orbiting it. A PR roundabout manages to represent everyone to government, to us, and to themselves but achieves nothing but self-perpetuation. This is the replacement for democracy which is supposed to make voting unnecessary.

The coconut shy of people to deify has an increasingly rapid turnover, with a parade of charlatans providing a boost for the left wing media’s residual self-image now there is fresh hardship to feed off. Allegra Stratton demonstrating nicely the culture that crosses imagined ideological boundaries.