Becoming hard to hide

Becoming hard to hide

The grotesque consequences of 3 decades of unexamined marketization, are likely to become a regular feature in our headlines from about now, like it or not. The Rochdale Grooming case is the tip of the iceberg and the DWP one of the biggest sources of the outsourcing contracts causing jubilance next week. Social Care and existing Children’s Services crisis, meet austerity, meet aged population …kerching you are privatised and so is everything you need…meet NHS and education privatised… Meet- oh fuck there is a reason our politicians kept these services invisible…SHIT…reality bites.

The deliberate and concerted waste  of our most precious resources for generations, will have to be addressed if any of our industrial base is to be protected and used to seed future growth. The effects of hysteresis have to be reversed if our economic future is to happen at all, and we have to address the inequality made invisible to political debate to address it as a problem in our economy. We do not live in 1812, nor is it possible to return us there by the power of media narrative alone.

In Germany women can now be forced to work in brothels for their benefits. In this country the expansion of the sex industry austerity created was more re brutal, and a hidden side effect felt by the most vulnerable. Often the younger end of the market. Women paid for the deficit at the end of a fists and with the loss of basic dignity and the ability to adequately provide for their children. Because all our political parties agreed that was what banks needed. Their financial independence and protection from violence was removed by PR boys for banks, who were just pleased to see deleveraging could be done by stealth, by concentrating only on what was politically neutral.

Working families up the income scale are doing tax credit renewals that remind them they are moving to a benefit which risks workfare. Government are delusion about their ability to link Universal Credit with housing and council tax benefit, and an IT system following a long government tradition, has guaranteed that as hardworking taxpayers wake up to the fact they are now undeserving benefit claimants, the system is to descend into chaos. The horrific circumstances austerity has imposed, has resulted in a fireball of public anger which has manifested itself in shareholder activism, everywhere but the left of our political media, who have made an oblivious and well-functioning electric fence cum safety valve, for a while.

That debate should change ever so slightly now. Deserving and undeserving classification while useful for 30 years, has been exposed as what it is and the welfare net is a fairly substantial portion of our economy and electorate. They didn’t get it because they claimed ‘tax’ credits, now they do…