Putin’s People

After the the BP story yesterday, I had cause to go looking for this, a fairly fascinating insight into the world around Vladimir Putin and Russian ‘politics’. The description of these clans of oligarchs, sounds alien when juxtaposed again the rhetoric that masks the dysfunction in our political system, but the gangland culture of unaccountable nasty boys marching around seems similar. Only the Russian nasty boys seem quite heavyweight, where as ours are just PR boys with an entitlement complex acting as ciphers for the interests we don’t see.

In the context of this, the expulsion of BP from Russian energy markets is interesting, and it noted that Russia was on the brink of an ambitious programme of privatisation, with the state planning to sell of a raft of it’s assets, huge businesses including banks and freight and port businesses. Anyway, worth a read.

Putin is certainly experiencing the crisis of legitimacy that is facing leaders of almost every global elite, but it does look like enough people will get rich over the next few years that that may not have the same consequences as elsewhere.