Mona Seif

Is being treated as as suspect”in the arson attack on the headquarters building of presidential candidate and former Prime Minister Mr Ahmed Shafiq. The fire in the Dokki neighbourhood of Cairo, which did not do serious damage to the building, occurred on the evening of 29 May, as people gathered in Tahrir Square to protest the outcome of the first round of presidential elections.”

In the midst of the revolution, some of the commentary from our lefty fanboys really made me angry. They completely failed to understand that this was real and for the people at that stage, they had to succeed or they would pay with their lives and those of their families. And away from the cameras since that revolution, many have. And are.  And will do.

The thing crumbling in Egypt is the thing crumbling here, and across the Western World, so this blog post is going out to Mona Seif.

For me, the word solidarity became lolidarity after a year mixing with the political media entry ground left in the UK, but the word solidarity has meaning and it is required here.