the void

The recent hounding of a working single mum on Newsnight by an odious tax payer funded journalist reveals a new current that is emerging in austerity Britain.

Shanene Thorpe was interrogated by two-bit hack Allegra Stratton on Newsnight after being invited to give an interview about her experiences as a Housing Benefit claimant.  Shanene has rightly taken Newsnight to task for attempting to portray her as a ‘benefits scrounger’ and conveniently ignoring the fact she is working.

It is a shameful indictment of the ugly society that is emerging that to be compared to a benefit claimant is now seen as a gross insult.  It harks back to the Victorian ‘back to basics’ morality the Tory Party once loved so much. The hard working poor are idealised whilst the unemployed, or all but the most severely sick or disabled people, are seen as feckless architects of their own misfortune, the…

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