Now, I don’t want to come off sarky. I really don’t. I am obviously not one to know, and this blog is merely my thoughts, but the latest government ‘u-turn’ has even stretched this pattern of ludicrous blue sky box ideas creating a public outcry and being reversed, beyond the scope of believability.

Buzzard trapping? WTF?

Really. Double WTF. Triple it.

I would like to apply some sort of analysis to this, but there is none. It’s just stupid. When I read this blog back, without the preoccupation of day to day life, when I have fully grasped what happened this year, I am going to be flabbergasted by that. So I am going to leave it here.

This is what we were up against. An entire media culture of nonsense obscuring our view so we get annoyed about Buzzards, forests, and pastys, instead of the economy.