Learning from history..

This document from the IFS tracked patterns in government spending, to assess ‘readiness for recession’. We are clearly not on the brink of that recession, but please take a look at that document. Two things are striking about it; the first is a pattern of spending which does not change, regardless of party. The second thing to look at, is how spending has followed that pattern this session. We are reaching the point where spending needs to start rising as parties start panicking. But we are not on the brink of a recession, we are several years into a depression, and panicked spending is not an option available to us. We now have to use our resources more carefully.

Because of the type of politics we have, it will never matter how much evidence to show this. We clearly are going to have to do discuss it soon? No? Especially as those political narratives are so brittle and held up by so little.

The rest of the cuts are not deliverable. Not in any way shape of form. This has reached the end of the road and austerity packaged as growth will not sell. Because it is a fantasy; White elephant infrastructure projects and the treatment of this as another yard sale will not do this. We don’t need a policy decided by a think tank. We need an unflinching and unafraid assessment of where we are, what we have, what is wrong with it, and a bulldozer to carry out its recommendations.

I’m sorry, but we can’t keep pretending this is ok, because that is the preferred political narrative of a self-interested culture. Not when so much is at stake, and the culture that maintained it is on trial, surely?

Political media culture has a presence in all our institutions, but has colonised none. Its paralysing influence is attached to nothing of value. Surely people within those institutions are asking questions by now, and have principles which are more important than the nonsense tribalism they are selling to perpetuate this?