Message to our political media from a blogger.

Mr.Wizard ….you are a humbug. And a very very bad man. But you are really quite silly and not very scary up close.

I am not sure the shitflinging monkeys understand that when we can see behind that curtain, they lose all potency and become people sized problems that can be ignored. We now need to focus on you.

You ARE a primary source of dysfunction in our political system, but as sources of dysfunction go, you are fairly localised, you don’t have much of a future or any of the advantages you need to continue. The monetarism that required you is almost at its limits and about to be pushed beyond. Imagine what would have happened if we had pretended World War 2 wasn’t happening for 4 years, then look where we are and why.

There is a reason our political and media institutions are in crisis, on trial, and going under, and that reason is you Mr.Wizard.  Journalism is about uncovering truth, and after decades of undermining journalism Mr.Wizard, you are now telling us it is on trial. It isn’t, but YOU are. And you are willing to let journalism take the rap. If you require moral lessons, we can help, but no one is answering to you now.

To be honest Mr.Wizard, you should be an insurmountable problem, but you are not. In the UK, ‘Foxification’ of the political media only really happened in the newspapers and the future home of most newspapers is the internet. Without a position to sell, you can’t honestly expect to behave that way in full view of a public who have stopped buying your papers, with these voter turnouts? Party memberships go down as party donations go up, we noticed if you didn’t. The political blogosphere and media is rightly viewed as ridiculous but it was good for you to have a place to paddle before you were forced out to swim with the rest of the world, we were willing to talk, you weren’t. Now you need to listen.

We don’t need to fight you, we can just have the conversations the structure of your institutions will not allow, avoid the nasty culture you create, while we dismantle your narratives and look elsewhere for news. You don’t seem that keen to acknowledge the power you enjoyed, so I have to point out that you did not obtain it fairly, you didn’t use it wisely and I don’t recognise your right to use it any more at all. I doubt I am the only one. I would like you to give it back while you have a choice but you won’t.

The centre position that required the message you carried, has resulted in a ginormous enormous multi-faceted global and domestic crisis that is about to really blow, and you made sure we ignored it until now. It’s rather late in the day. You kept yourself so separate from the society you poisoned, that you have turned into a scab that will fall off with no damage or help at all. You have isolated yourselves into a tribal idiocy that can only exist in a homogenous sheltered dysfunctional and deeply misogynistic culture, sealed off from the influence of civilised society.

That type of tribal dysfunction is usually reserved for adolescents, football hooligans, and criminal gangs who emerge in areas you would view as ‘undesirable’ and call excluded. Gangland culture is nothing new but I’d take my chances with the scary tribes in hoodies, before I would put anything I value near our political press.

The boys who populated Whitehall in those post war years, may have been short sighted and oblivious to the reality of society, but one could at least accuse them of competence and courage and being blinded by the innocence of their day.  There is no question the monkeys who fling shit under a veneer of vacuous triangular liberalism or social conservative trolling, do not have the capacity to grasp what is happening.  Never mind shape a debate where solutions can be explored.

Mr.Wizard, It is apparent your silly ‘message’ consumed actual democracy and the political media which replaced it quite some time ago. The political spectrum orbits you, even though you no longer have a message to sell and we need to address the crisis you hid. This system has failed and you are on trial as we head into crisis you helped to make and stopped us addressing, you consolidated the neo liberal consensus across all parties, as solution to the crisis it caused and that will not be forgotten. The consequences of that are very serious, even if the resulting political news output is not. You may be in crisis, we are only in the crisis you manufactured to hide it.

The dysfunction you manufacture in think tanks and tabloid rags, you project on to us to demonise patronise and punish using nonsense policies pulled out of blue sky boxes. I can’t keep up with who your various tribes are expecting me to hate, or the number of ways you find to blame your failure on mothers who stopped fucking their husbands. The dysfunction isn’t real but the consequences you create are. Apathy was yours, not ours.

Beveridge buggered up in the 40s and you still cynically exploit the mistakes he made. You treat stigmatising my family and community as necessary to not deal with a banking crisis and you wonder why your parties are now terrified as they realise the scale of what faces us in the next few months. You invite working mothers onto Newsnight and think it is acceptable that people ask them if their children should have been born, and mislead the country and demonise them, and you have this right why?

You measure responses to your own news cycle and treat that as democratic validation. OPinion polls are not democratic validation, especially not with falling voter turnouts and newspaper sales.  The mighty power of the Daily Mail is bestowed by governments, not taken. It is nothing to do with the views of their readers or their trolls and the left wing monkey wheel needs the Daily Mail like the Earth needs The Sun. The rest of us think it is an offensive comic with occasional good stuff, occasional holiday offers and a bizarrely compelling website.

There appear to be no working mechanisms to temper your silliness Mr.Wizard. Nothing to provide you with an ethical framework, give us accountability, or protection from you. You have created a self-sustaining culture of idiots and thugs who will attack us, lie, and smear to protect theirs and your position just for existing and pointing out you are wrong. You demand we go to the left part of your monkey wheel to stop it spinning altogether, while you mock the ludicrousness of the monkeys there. As if you didn’t know it was they that have allowed you to act with impunity for three decades.

The thrall of media moguls was over governments, not us. Labour’s policy for 13 years did not follow the Daily Mail agenda to suit the mercurial spite of an imagined Little Englander. The problem is not that we feed the trolls it’s that you need a culture of them to keep us away because what you say doesn’t stand up, and you don’t care what they do as long as you don’t hear about it.

If it isn’t trolls, it’s the gaslighting media left to tell us they have erased our history, erased the communities we came from, replaced them with broadsheet discussion which suitstheir career aims and we need to wait quietly to be saved, and not interrupt while the class war they imagine is ‘fought’. We can rise up according to their plot and career needs so our kids can be called ‘the poor’ instead of ‘Chavs’. As long as we don’t discuss political consensus, because this is about the mean old Tories? The elite radical left an always reliable electric fence so this crap can carry on uninterrupted while leading columnists weep as they tell the world to vote Labour to save us. None concerned that they are hindering the ability to deal with a crisis they clearly have no capacity to understand.  Did you think it would hold forever?

You mixed up your ambitions and your capability, Mr.Wizard. It isn’t 1984.

We undermine the only tool you have left in your armoury just by existing outside your preferred narrative on the platform you have locked yourself into using. That’s why you get so cross and lash out. Did you think the internet was impermeable and the tribalism of a homogenous sealed culture would last?

For the first time, history will not be written by the winners. It is being written by the participants while it happens. Your ignorance Mr.Wizard, is now truly our strength.

We don’t want or need to be part of your culture to write about politics you need to adapt to us now or you’ll disappear, learn how to play nice or you won’t get to play at all in future. We, now have a responsibility to differentiate between political writing and shitflinging monkey-craft nonsense, because the crisis you have ensured everyone ignored is about to blow. I think it’s about time you learned about responsibility. Or we will teach you. You aren’t that scary and we will expect you to establish your moral authority, before we will be answering to you from now on.