I haven’t read all of this yet, but watching Canada has been interested. I have a blog address for a Canadian guy who is always worth reading, and will add it here later.

National Post | News

In Toronto, at the G20 protests in 2010, police went in hard — batons flailing, arrests sweeping — and the outcome was a mess: destroyed property, public havoc and an outcry over police tactics.

Fast-forward to this week in Montreal; street protests over tuition hikes were greeted with a patient police stance. The outcome was a mess: Demonstrations turned increasingly violent, bringing property damage, public havoc and an outcry over police tactics.

As rampage becomes routine, when any large gathering in any urban setting seems an easy opportunity for street insurgency, police forces across Canada struggle to deal with an emboldened riot culture.


Iron fist or velvet rope, police crowd control strategies all seem to end in acrimony and criticism and, like a mob running riot, the need for answers is growing.

It is unexpectedly pushing the most un-Canadian issue of riot control to the top of the nation’s…

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